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Benefits flow from ensuring accurate customer addresses.

How Melissa Helps Ecommerce

For more than 30 years, Melissa has provided contact data verification and cleansing solutions, as well as identity resolution, to more than 10,000 customers worldwide. We use the most up-to-date, multisource datasets to bring you accurate and reliable information you can use across the enterprise. Work with us to:

Deliver on Customer Expectations

Melissa’s ecommerce tools simplify and speed up the checkout process so you can deliver on customer demands for speed and convenience – all while protecting your business form online fraudsters!

Global Address Verification

Real-time, point-of-entry address correction and validation for 240+ countries. Address verification improves fulfillment, keeping customers happy and coming back!

Fraud & Chargeback Prevention

Ensure your customer is who they say they are with ID verification solutions that match name to address, verify national ID and age, and verify IP location in real-time. Eliminate card-not-present fraud and reduce chargebacks while still delivering on the customer’s high expectations for fast checkout.

Address Autocompletion

Help customers checkout faster with Global Express Entry – it autofills and validates domestic and international addresses as the user types. Address autocomplete reduces keystrokes by 50%, speeding up the checkout process to reduce cart abandonment.

Global Email Verification

Authenticate your customer’s email address to increase deliverability, avoid high bounce rates and protect your sender reputation. Global email verification pings each email to ensure it is active and can receive mail.

Data Enrichment Services

Add missing name, email or phone number, and move-update your address records. Our enrichment services also add lifestyle characteristics, mortgage and property data, and demographic information, so you can build better targeted marketing campaigns.

Add Latitude/Longitude Coordinates

Gecoding provides latitude/longitude coordinates linked to addresses so you can provide error-free delivery to your customers. Our solutions range from rooftop level accuracy to more lax levels of specificity to meet your budget.

Case Study: Car2Go

Discover how car2go – a free-floating carsharing system – improved their customer onboarding process, while also validating contact data in seconds – saving time for everyone involved.

View Car2Go Case Study
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Significantly increased
customer satisfaction


Users can register in
minutes at car pickup


Verify international
addresses in real time


Compliant with data
protection guidelines


Secure, encrypted
connection with private Cloud


Case Study: Z1 Motorsports

While chargeback fraud grew by 96% last year, Z1 Motorsports cut e-fraud by 90%! Despite card-not-present fraud outpacing e-commerce growth, having solid ID verification tools has helped keep Z1 zooming.

View Z1 Motorsports Case Study
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Labor costs dropped
from 7.5 to 1.5
minutes per flagged account


Utilizes global contact
& ID verification


Property data service
provides additional,
critical address elements


Nominal costs,
high savings


Reduced fraud by 90+%


Case Study: Jerry’s Artarama

How do you make e-commerce address verification a fine art? Ask Jerry’s Artarama. They implemented Melissa tools to validate customer contact data, keep that data safe from fraud, and make shipping and fulfillment faster and easier.

View Jerry’s Artarama Case Study
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Now updates addresses
of customers who moved


Improved marketing initiatives by
adding geographic & demographic data


Reducing fraud by
verifying ID in real time


Reduced cart abandonment
with address autocompletion


30% reduction in
ordering mistakes